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Dear customer,
We thank you for your custom during the past year and look forward to continuing to supply your label requirements throughout 2017. We start this New Year by announcing yet another addition to our website with the introduction of Labels by Application.

Labels by Application
Initially launched for business users, it provides a comprehensive range of workplace related adhesive labels and signage in a variety of size formats. Many of which can be edited to your specific needs and/or to include contact information. All of which can be ordered from as little as just one A4 sheet of labels, making it easy and quick to receive ready to use, important workplace resources.

The Labels by Application module has been developed in response to customer requests for ready to use workplace labels and signage and during the course of the year more home use categories of labels will be added to those already existing such as the Home Moving packs e.g. address labels and bottle/jar labels.

Labels by Application
Label Designer
Should the image and/or sign (A4 format) required need additional amendment, then the templates for most of the images are also available as templates within our Label Designer tool, which enables you to make changes and create the labels/signs required. Following which you have a choice of attaching the saved image to your order for professionally printed, high quality image labels, or save the file for printing yourself and order plain labels.

At AA Labels we understand that your time is valuable and we work to make the ordering of both printed and plain labels as easy as possible and to fulfil your order as fast as we can. This is why both Labels by Application and Label Designer have been developed and uploaded to our website.

We hope that you will have a look at both of these new modules the next time that you visit the website and if you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact our customer care team via the Live Chat feature, email or telephone, who will be happy to help you.
Direct Thermal Roll Labels
Tyre & Difficult Surface Labelling
In response to customer request concerning questions about why standard label materials will not stay stuck to tyres, certain types of fruit (e.g. green melons) and other wax coated surfaces. We have introduced an innovative self adhesive label to our online range.

The reason why standard permanent adhesives will not stick to new tyres is because of the silicone present from the casting mould. Similarly new automotive body parts, kitchen worktops, sink units and melons with a “waxy” skin. Anything that has been sealed for protection from abrasion and handling damage, or in the case of fruit produces a protective surface.

So which material will work for these difficult to label surfaces?

The new label material has a white paper face-stock (80 gsm) and uses a high tack adhesive, with an aluminium foil backing between the face-stock and adhesive, plus a layer of silicone over the adhesive. This allows the label to adhere to rubber based, silicone and other coated surfaces.

White aluminium back coated labels with a permanent adhesive (Product Code: WABCSP) can be supplier printed and variable information overprinted using a thermal transfer printer and resin enhanced wax or wax resin ribbon. Alternatively supplied as plain labels in roll and sheet formats.

For more technical information about white aluminium back coated labels, view the online specification here.
To enquire about this material, request a sample, or quotation visit our website.
Direct Thermal Roll Labels
Direct Thermal Roll Labels
The good news for customers using direct thermal printers is that we continue to increase the range of label options available in both paper and Polypropylene face-stocks and have made available a Direct Thermal White Polypropylene label witha removable adhesive. Ideal for secondary stickers on white goods, electrical products and many other applications.
A full list of our direct thermal labels is as follows with more additions planned this year.

Product Code Description Adhesive Type
TEP Direct Thermal White Permanent
TER Direct Thermal White Removable
TSP Direct Thermal White
Semi-Top Coated
TEFP Direct Thermal Freezer Low Temperature / Permanent
TEPO Direct Thermal Orange Permanent
TERO Direct Thermal Orange Removable
TEPY Direct Thermal Yellow Permanent
TERY Direct Thermal Yellow Removable

Product Code Description Adhesive Type
TWPP Direct Thermal White Permanent
TWPR Direct Thermal White Removable
AA Labels Black Friday
Service Standards
In January of this year we are confident of upgrading our ISO9001 to ISO9001 2015 through a transition process over the past year and similarly our ISO14001 governing our environmental management system.

However it is the daily practice of providing service quality to our customers that has produced over 1,000 (Google Certified Shop 210 & Trust Pilot 933) positive testimonials from satisfied customers and we know that it is the consistency and maintenance of this valued service level, that is the real reason for such high levels of repeat business and our objective is to continuously improve and provide even better levels of service for our customers.

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