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The technical specifications for the materials available can be accessed from the menu below. Information on face-stock substrates, adhesives, release liners and approvals is available for reference from this page.. Enabling you to check the compliance and suitability of the material/s being considered for the label application.

Label Materials

Choosing the right solution
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Material Specification Material Specification

There are four main component elements in a self adhesive label. The top layer, or face-stock is a paper, or filmic material e.g. Polypropylene, with an adhesive applied to the back and the top prepared for printing. These two elements form the label itself.

There are a variety of different types of adhesives available, but the majority are either a general purpose permanent acrylic, or rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive.

The bottom layer is usually a paper or filmic backing material (release liner) for carrying the label through the print process, before the label is applied to a product, or substrate.

The fourth element in the labels construction is a silicone release coating is added to the backing material to facilitate the removal of the label for application.

With roll labels the waste matrix is removed from around the labels.

Labels on Sheets A5, A3, A4, SRA3

Matt White - Paper

Aluminium Back Coated Paper

Temperature Resistant - Polyethylene

Security Materials - PVC

Matt White - Polyester

Matt White - Polyethylene

Semi-Gloss White - Paper

Gloss White - Inkjet Paper

Gloss Yellow Paper

Gloss White - Inkjet Polypropylene

Gloss White - Polyester

High Gloss White - Paper

Pearlescent Finish - Paper

Blockout/Cover-Up - Paper

Clear - Inkjet Polypropylene

Clear - Polyester

Metallic Colours - Paper

Metallic Colours - Polyester

Matt Colours - Luxury Paper

Brown Parcel Paper

Matt Colours - Paper

Matt Colours - Polyester

Fluorescent Colours - Paper

Matt Colours - Vinyl

Labels on Rolls

Matt White - Paper

Aluminium Back Coated Paper

Temperature Resistant - Polyethylene

Matt White - Polyethylene

Matt White - Direct Thermal Paper

Matt White - Polypropylene

Matt White - Direct Thermal Polypropylene

Semi-Gloss White - Paper

Gloss White Inkjet - Paper

Gloss White - Polypropylene