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Make Your Items Safe and Secure with Our Temper Evident Security Labels

Imagine the frustration of receiving a package or product that has been tempered with or contaminated during transportation. It puts the recipient's safety at risk and damages the reputation of the brand or business responsible for the delivery. That’s where temper evident security labels come in to play.

Temper evident labels provide a visible indication of tempering, theft, or contamination. They are designed to break apart or leave a visible mark when removed, making it impossible to reseal or reuse the label without leaving evidence of tempering.

In this article, we will discuss how you can make your time safe and secure with AA Labels’ security labels. You’ll also get to know the label materials suitable for temper evident labels and their applications.

How Security Label Protects Your Item?

Temper evident labels are a simple yet effective security measure that can help prevent theft and tempering. These labels work by providing a visible indication of any unauthorized access to the item.

When this label is applied, it adheres tightly to the surface of the item and leaves a unique pattern or message when removed. The pattern or message serves as evidence of tempering or removal, which allows you to easily identify if the item has been compromised.

Temper evident labels can be used in a wide range of applications, such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage packaging, electronics, and retail products. In the pharmaceutical industry, temper evident security labels are used to ensure the safety and efficacy of medication by preventing contamination. In the food industry, they prevent food fraud by indicating if a product has been opened or tempered with. You can also use them to protect high-value items such as electronics and prevent theft.

AA Labels’ Specialist Material for Security Labels

AA Labels offers a range of specialist materials for temper evident labels, including Matt White Aluminium and Matt Black. The matt white aluminium is a coated white paper laminated to an aluminium foil. Its super permanent adhesive can allow you to meet your need of protecting items from theft. With its strong adhesive bonding, it becomes ideal for applications like automotive body parts and stainless steel sink units.

On the other hand, Matt Black is a matt finished PVC black film that offers utmost flexibility and mechanical resistance. It’s a perfect material for various types of signage and surfaces that require protection from contamination.

Final Words

AA Labels allows you to choose from our variety of labels to meet your needs and requirements. The temper evident labels are ideal for printing with direct thermal and thermal printers. We encourage you to get a sample before making a complete order for your security labels.

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