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Anti-tamper Labels Available On A4 Sheets

Anti-tamper labels, also known as tamper-evident labels, enable unauthorised access to a protected object easy to detect. These labels play an important role in protecting products during the distribution process and there are a wide range available to meet varying needs, from product labelling to delivery packaging.

Our anti-tamper labels can be ordered as professionally printed labels, or as plain sheets to print yourself. We have a range of designs that are ideal for product packaging labels and are suitable for use on jars and bottles. These are available in a range of materials with varying levels of adhesive, including uncoated matt paper, heat resistant polyethylene, cryogenic polyethylene and more. Our extensive range of materials ensures a high quality solution, whatever the storage requirements for your product.

Our A4 sheets are also suitable for use with laser or inkjet printers and our search options also offer the ability to include the make and model of thermal printer, ensuring you find the right material and label dimensions to meet your anti-tamper labelling needs. Our Label Applications guide can help you to select the right material and adhesive for your intended use, alternatively, an experienced AA Labels team member will be happy to advise you.

Types of Anti-Tamper Labels

Anti-tamper labels are most visible on food packaging, where it is vital to know if the product has been opened, damaged or altered since leaving the manufacturer. Tamper-evident packaging was widely introduced during the 1980s, following a security scare in the US, with anti-tamper labels playing a key role. Labels may be applied during various phases of a product’s lifecycle, such as the production process, distribution and sale of the product.

Our anti-tamper product labels are ideal for increasing customer confidence, as they benefit from break-away components that cannot be re-attached, immediately highlighting where the packaging has been tampered with.

Our matt PVC security materials labels add an additional level of security. Made using a highly frangible PVC film and a permanent adhesive, these break into small pieces when tampered with and cannot be resealed, making it particularly useful material for tracking labels.

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Anti-tamper Labels Available On A4 Sheets

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