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Guide to Choosing the Right Adhesive Labels

Labels are an essential component of many industries. They provide crucial information, such as product names, prices, and expiration dates, and can be used for tracking and inventory management. However, selecting the right adhesive labels for your specific applications can be a daunting task. With a multitude of adhesive types and label materials available, it's important to understand factors that impact label performance and durability.

Whether you are looking for a label that will withstand harsh environmental conditions, adhere to difficult surfaces, or simply need a label that can be removed without leaving residue, choosing the right adhesive is key. This guide will take you through the various considerations for selecting the right adhesive label for your business needs.

Types of Adhesive Labels

Whether you’re looking forward to finding label on sheets or rolls, AA Labels comes with a variety of adhesive labels to cater to your requirements. Each type is suitable for various applications and is compatible with different printing technologies. Here are some adhesive labels types you can choose from.

1. Permanent Labels:

This label type is designed to stick firmly to surfaces and are not intended to be removed or repositioned. They are ideal for applications where long-term adhesion is required, such as product identification, asset tracking, and branding. The permanent labels have a label compatibility with laser or inkjet printers.

2. Super Permanent Labels:

These labels have a stronger adhesive than permanent labels and are designed to bond even to difficult surfaces such as plastic, metal, and textured surfaces. Super permanent labels are ideal for applications where the label needs to stay in place for a long time and removal is not an option. You can find this label adhesive compatible with laser or inkjet printers.

3. Freezer Labels:

The freezer labels are specially designed to withstand the low temperatures of refrigerators and freezers. They have an adhesive that can hold firm in freezing temperatures without becoming brittle or losing adhesion, making them ideal for food packaging and storage applications. The laser and inkjet printers have compatibility with this adhesive.

4. Removable Labels:

These labels can easily be removed without leaving residue or damaging the surface. They are ideal for applications where temporary labeling is required, such as pricing labels, promotional labels, and seasonal decorations. Its adhesive has label compatibility with laser printers.

5. Heat-Resistant Labels:

The heat-resistant labels can withstand high temperatures, and this label application is ideal for industrial manufacturing and automotive industries, where labels are exposed to high heat during processing or use. Heat resistant labels are compatible with laser printers.

6. High Tack Labels:

This label type has a stronger adhesive than permanent labels, making them ideal for applications where the label needs to stick to difficult surfaces or surfaces that have a rough texture.

7. Cryogenic Labels:

These labels are designed to withstand the extremely low temperatures of cryogenic storage. They are commonly used in scientific research and medical applications where samples need to be stored at ultra-low temperatures. The laser printers are compatible with label application of this material.

Final Words

AA Labels comes with a variety of adhesive labels for you to choose from for both label on sheets and rolls. From the extensive variety that we offer, you can easily find the label adhesive and material that suits your specific applications and compatibility.

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