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Embossed & Screen-Printed Labels, Hot Foil Stamping & More

From embossed and screen-printed labels to hot foil stamping, our range of label embellishments will add eye-catching detail to your products.

On this page you will find information about all of our label embellishment options. To view our label embellishment options, obtain a quote, or place an order use the main website navigation bar to first select your label shape, size and material. This can be done by selecting “Printed Labels, Embellishments & Finishes” from the main menu (Fig. 01) on the homepage. Then using the filter decide upon your label size or browse the images on the page (Fig. 02) and select, at which point you will be prompted to browse and select the label material required (Fig. 03).

AA Labels
AA Labels
AA Labels

Once the label and material choice are completed, proceed to add print (Fig. 04) and explore the label embellishment options available for your choice of label material (Fig. 05) and if you require help with you label design/s, then we are able to assist with our customer design service (Fig. 06).

AA Labels
AA Labels
AA Labels

Please continue reading if you would like more information about embossed labels, screen-printed labels, hot foil stamping or additional label embellishments, alternatively proceed to start searching and selecting your labels from the main navigation menu. Further information can also be found in our blog article “Adding Value to the Label – Label Embellishments.”

Embossed Labels, Screen-printed Labels & Hot Foil Stamping at AA Labels

Competition for consumer spending is fierce, so ensuring your product has maximum impact is essential. Using embossed labels, screen-printed labels or hot foil stamping techniques can help to elevate a product’s value and inspire purchase.

Our label embellishments and selection of finishes offer a cost-effective method of strengthening the quality associations with your product content, using packaging to create serious shelf-appeal.

Product labels are more than a functional source of information, although that is important for consumer understanding and safety. They convey brand values and differentiation, none more so than embellished labels, which are handled and inspected more than standard printed labels on products.

Embossed labels can add a premium finishing touch to a product’s appearance, while hot foil stamping provides metallic detailing for a luxurious look that signals premium quality.

Our innovative printing techniques can be used to create label finishes that are aesthetically pleasing, while also improving accessibility.

Competition for consumer spending is fierce, so ensuring your product has maximum impact is essential. Using embossed labels, screen-printed labels or hot foil stamping techniques can help to elevate a product’s value and inspire purchase.

Screen printed labels can also be utilised in exterior locations due to their UV and weather resistant qualities.

Through our embellishment services, we are making premium finishes available and affordable to manufacturers, producers and suppliers of all sizes.

To add embellishment to your product labels, simply choose the shape, size and material and select the desired finish prior to check out.

Our range of embellishment services includes:

Find out more about each technique below or contact us for support.

Embossed Labels

Embossed labels are incredibly tactile and provide a textured appearance that is appealing to the eye and touch. Custom dies are used with heat to apply pressure to the label material, creating a raised surface for lettering and logos or more intricate designs, such as images and patterns.

The 3D effect embossed labels offer can be combined with digital printing, silk screen label printing or hot foil stamping to provide additional detailing and a high-quality finish – perfect for drinks, perfumes and cosmetics packaging.

Embossing effects can be created using a range of paper materials, produced in roll or sheet formats.

Start your printed labels search today or contact our team for advice on choosing the right material for your embossed labels.

Metallic Foils

The use of foil is the ideal technique for adding metallic detailing and a premium finish to your labels.

This affordable technique can be used for a range of applications and foiled labels quickly elevate the perceived value of a product, due to the variety of metallic finishes available.

Our standard foil options include popular precious metals and metallic colours. Typically used on drinks bottle labels, fragrances, confectionary and prestigious brands and marques.

For brand authentication and protection, holographic hot foil printing can be used providing additional security and assurance of genuine product quality. Foil printing techniques can be used on both paper and Polymer materials and produced in roll or sheet formats.

Take a look at our printed labels to start your search or contact our team for help finding the most cost-effective foil labels for your application.

Screen Printed Labels

Silk screen labels or screen-printed labels are ideal for when you want to combine vivid colours with a tactile finish.

Screen printing is a widely used technique within the textile industry, often used to create motifs and for producing clothing labels. However, the same tactic can be applied to paper, polymer and other materials to create highly tactile self-adhesive screen printed labels for a variety of applications and products. The process involves depositing heavy volumes of ink into a layered effect that creates the recognisable raised finish of silk screen labels.

This method can be used for embellishing specific details, such as signatures, logos and line-drawn illustration, adding detail and depth to product labels for distilled and fermented drinks bottle and is also a cost-effective method for adding braille on labels.

Incorporating screen printing can also help you to add interesting effects that cannot be achieved with other printing methods.

It is suitable for a wide range of applications and its durable and UV resistant qualities make screen printing fade and weather resistant. Suitable for products exposed to sunlight, or labels applied in exterior locations. Silk screen label printing can be creatively combined with other label embellishments to produce attractive labels that get noticed.

Shop our printed labels to get started or contact our team for more information on our silk screen label printing service.

Laminated & Varnished Labels

When labels require finishes it is for aesthetic and protective reasons e.g. protection against abrasion (varnish), or protect against chemical, moisture, oils, UV and weathering (laminate).

We offer the following finishes to our laminated and varnished labels:

  • Matt UV Varnish
  • Gloss UV Varnish
  • Spot Gloss UV Varnish
  • Matt Laminate
  • Gloss Laminate
  • Anti-Bacterial Matt Laminate
  • Anti-Bacterial Gloss Laminate
  • Embossed Leather-Look Laminate
  • Soft Touch Laminate

Laminated and varnished labels can provide a premium finish that also acts as a protective coating. Gloss finishes add a satin sheen or bright shine to the label surface, while matt finishes are less apparent. In addition, there are tactile finishes such as "Soft Touch" and embossed patterned finishes like the "Leather" laminate. Along with specialist materials providing a sterile surface as is the case with "Anti-Bacterial" laminates.

When used selectively gloss varnish (Spot UV) can add another embellishment element to the label, highlighting images and important information and/or creating surface patterns on areas of background. Spot UV can be also be used in combination with matt varnish.

Browse our printed labels to find the right shape, size and material or contact our team for support with selecting the right finish for your varnished or laminated labels.

Sequential Label Printing & Variable Data

Sequentially numbered labels are used extensively in commercial and industrial applications to provide information and item identifiers.

Sequentially numbered labels are printed in an ascending, or descending alpha-numeric sequence using Variable Data Printing (VDP), enabling each label to have a unique reference.

If the alpha-numeric sequence is broken and batched, or the information contains other image elements then the above is not possible and we need to agree with you how the variable data is to be produced.

Search our range of printed labels or contact our team for more details on our sequential label printing service.

We take pride in our service standards

We take pride in our service standards for all customer enquiries and orders. Our reputation for service is built on quality, a comprehensive product range and fast order fulfilment times, along with the combined experience and knowledge of our customer care team. If you need assistance or help regarding the most suitable choice of label, packaging, or promotional item for your application, please contact our customer care team, via the live-chat facility on the page, our website contact form, telephone, or email and they will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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