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Top Tips for DIY Wedding Invites

Top Tips for DIY Wedding Invites

As we rapidly approach the peak wedding season, many of you may be caught up in all of the planning and preparation that’s needed for your big day. The list goes on and on in terms of all the little (and big) details that battle for your attention, so much so that a few things can unfortunately get overlooked, one such thing being the all-important wedding invitation.

The wedding invite is an essential part of the whole tradition, and how you let your guests and loved ones know the details is a chance to express a little creativity. Some people may want to create their own DIY wedding invitations from scratch, whilst others may prefer to buy them. However you feel you want to do it, help is out there to ensure you get exactly what you want.

When it comes to creating your own invites, you can make it as simple or as complicated as you’d like. For some, the appeal of making their own is to potentially save a bit of cash along the way, but it also can offer a unique opportunity to get stuck in with an exciting craft project, and make your wedding invites with an extra personal touch.

There is a huge scope when it comes to making your own, but before you start buying paper or ink, here are a few handy tips to consider.


Doing it yourself

If you’ve chosen to get stuck in and you want to show off your craft skills, you probably have a good idea of what you’re hoping they will look like. You might even have a grasp on some of the skills needed to help make that vision a reality. Or maybe you’re looking to learn a little bit about design along the way?

These are great reasons to get crafty, so what next? Have a look at getting to grips with design tools such as Adobe Photoshop. Whilst this is a particularly tricky piece of software initially, there are an abundance of tutorials online to help navigate newcomers. If you feel like perhaps something a bit simpler would be better, try Canva – an online programme that’s a much more user-friendly means of design.

You must think about what information you want to include in the invite. Maybe you could have one beautifully designed invite made as a keepsake that simply states the time and place, and another simpler piece along with it that features all the nitty gritty details such as nearby accommodation, taxi companies and wedding gift ideas.

Have someone else design them for you

If you don’t have design experience, or don’t like the idea of pushing text and images around on pages, you’re going to need to find someone who could design your DIY invites for you. You could ask around your friends, family and colleagues to see if anyone could help, or you could turn to the Internet. Sites such as Etsy often have people looking to help one another out with all manner of art and design projects.

Choose your paper wisely

There’s a lot of variety when it comes to paper. Different weights, types and finishes make what should be a relatively simple decision that much harder. For example you need to consider that glossy papers require a lot more ink and take longer to dry, whereas linen paper can bleed out, so it doesn’t work well with home printing.

If you’re buying your own, you’ll find a good selection of card stock and glossy photo paper at any local office supplier, but if you want linen or speciality paper then you may have to look online. Always get a sample before you commit to buying hundreds of anything!



There are lots of options when it comes to printing online, and some may even offer a discount for bulk orders. As always, look to see if you can get a sample sent before you order lots.

Printing at home

By far the most accessible means of getting your invites printed, you can also take your time dedicating a few hours here and there getting them finished. You will need to test a number of different papers and finishes first to make sure you’re one hundred per cent happy with the end result.

Local print shop

Local printing shops may not be able to match the price of online options, but you do get to have way more of a hand in the process, and therefore more control over the end result. Some may let you provide your own paper that you have sourced elsewhere, and most will let you use their paper cutters for free.


Once you’re finally happy with your invites it’s time to send them all out. Have a look at our custom label page where we can offer fully customisable address labels for envelopes, as well as our label printing service for the added customised feel.

Bear in mind that postal services will offer discounts on bulk deliveries so it’s well worth investigating. And finally, the number one tip when it comes to sending out your own DIY wedding invites is that your guest list does not always equal the exact number of invites needing to be sent. Take a closer look at how many couples/families are on your list so that you don’t make the common mistake of sending more than you actually need!

So there you have it. Good luck in getting your invites created, printed and sent out, and many congratulations on your big day ahead!

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