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Printable Sweet Jar Labels. Vibrant Candy Stripe Template

Printable Sweet Jar Labels. Vibrant Candy Stripe Template

With this set of free printable sweet jar label templates you’ll be able to fully personalise your jars quickly and easily.

All the text you see in the templates below (and the preview above) is completely editable. You can even change font style and sizes to make your design truly unique.

The design is based on traditional sweet shop labels but with vibrant candy stripes for a brighter, slightly more modern look.

This label template set includes six different colour styles: Soft candy, warm chocolate, vibrant citrus, bubblegum pink, rich raspberry and hot pink.

Here are just some ideas for when you might use these labels:

  • Sweet shops and ‘candy carts’ are the obvious place to use these labels giving your jars a professional look with exactly what you want written on it.
  • Use as sweet buffet labels, which is gaining popularity at weddings. Don’t forget, the labels are completely editable so you can delete the price text and replace with something more appropriate.
  • In the kitchen to brighten up the jars where you keep your sweets, chocolates, biscuits or treats.
  • You could even use them at Halloween parties (try using a font called ‘Chiller’ – which is available in Adobe Reader and perfect for Halloween).


Features of the PDF templates:

  • You can edit all the text.
  • You can delete any of the text if it’s not required for your particular use.
  • You can change the font and colour of the text to match your occasion or brand.
  • You can change the size of the text.
  • Autofill template feature: When you make a change any of the text it will change on the other labels in the template. This saves time if you’re printing several labels with the same text.
  • Fillable template feature: This type of template will allow you to enter different text in each label for when you want to print individual sweet labels.


Here’s a quick preview of how it works (it’s a 70 second looping GIF):

Demo showing editing of sweet label template

Once you’ve printed the labels you’ve created, stick them on your jars to create something like this:

Sweet jar labels hero shot

Scroll down or click below to jump to:


This is what our lovely label designer has to say:

We all love tasty treats, and a bag of sweeties would be the first thing that comes to mind. We all have our very own favourites that will make us reminisce of happy times of being rewarded or celebrating special moments.

There are sweets for the times that we like to share and there are sweets for the times that we just love to savour for ourselves, sweets to make that long drive more bearable and sweets that we simply love to relish.

Sweets are used to celebrate special occasions, Christmas candy, wedding favours, birthday party bags, and of course Halloween. In our village Halloween is celebrated in good spirit, and this trend is growing year on year. Houses are decorated with Jack o’ lanterns and pumpkins are carved in readiness. Sweets are bought in abundance for the frenzied ghosts and witches who will be trick or treating through the streets with their baskets that will become full to the brim with loot by the end of the evening. You will never see a more excited group of children (and adults in some cases) filling their baskets with handfuls of loot. It’s a fantastic evening enjoyed by many and it is all about the candy.

I still love trips to the sweet shop in preparation of each occasion. I love to see the rows of colourful jars of multi coloured candy. Irresistible mouth-watering strawberry pinks, bright blue raspberry bonbons, sherbet pips, fizzy dummies, mini chocolate eggs, and chocolate-coated peanuts. They are all guaranteed to always taste as good as they look, whatever your favourite.

Sweets will never go out of fashion and the much loved traditional style Sweet Shops have made a huge come back on our high streets, as have the colourfully decorated candy carts that are always present at local fairs and markets and are ever popular.

The presentation of course is all-important and my printable Sweet Label designs embrace the whole experience and come in a range of vibrant candy stripes with a contemporary twist in mouth-watering colours – they are perhaps themselves bewitching in a way that will make it impossible not to indulge.

As they say naughty but nice!


Mini Eggs Sweet Jar Labels Image Download Autofill Soft Candy Template

Chocolate Peanuts Sweet Jar Label Image Download Autofill Warm Chocolate Template

Fizzy Dummies Sweet Jar Label Image Download Autofill Vibrant Citrus Template

Gobstoppers Sweet Jar Labels Image Download Autofill Bubblegum Pink Template

Raspberry Bonbons Sweet Jar Labels Image Download Autofill Rich Raspberry Template

Sherbet Pips Sweet Jar Label Image Download Autofill Hot Pink Template

How to Use the Sweet Jar Label Templates

We’ve tried to make it as simple as download, edit and print!

These templates are designed to work with AAE004 100mm x 100mm square used as sweet jar labels on a plain matt white label.

To use the templates you’ll need Adobe Reader (a free software – if you read PDFs you’re likely to have it). Other PDF readers may work but if you want to edit the PDF and get the same printing results we do then it’s best to use Adobe Reader. Detailed guidelines on how to edit and print are here

If you have a design or want to create a completely custom label, you can find blank sweet jar labels here


Don’t forget to share with your friends and colleagues!

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