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Honey Label Template Set: Simple Hexagon Design

Honey Label Template Set: Simple Hexagon Design

You're most likely here to find a quick and easy label template for your honey jars.

The template sets below include all the labels you need for various size jars. The design is a simple one that allows you to be creative with it – especially as all the text elements are editable, including the font, colour and size.

The labels include areas to enter country of origin, address, weight, best before date, lot numbers and weight (in the templates these are already filled in but you can edit them). These details are included for honey labelling regulations in England. As such, these labels are meant for those of you who are harvesting honey to sell. Always check your final label design with trading standards though – just in case!

What's in the hexagon themed honey label set?

There are three different sets of hexagon themed label templates. Each is intended for a different size jar. The sizes are:

  • Labels for a 1lb/454g jar (this label size should also fit 12oz/340g)
  • Labels for an 8oz (227g) jar
  • Labels for a 1.5oz (43g) jar

Every set of templates include:

  • Main honey jar label
  • Lid label
  • Tamper label


The honey label design

I wanted to create a label that had simplicity at it's heart but still had a strong honey theme. A shape would be simple to base the design on and there is a shape that could instantly be associated with bees. You've probably already guessed what that shape is by the title and mentions of it on this page! Of course it's a hexagon – associated with bees due to the shape of the cells in honeycomb.

So this design uses a repeated hexagon shape across the main jar label and down the tamper label too.

Using just one colour (black) means you can print the labels on any printer – no colour needed. Should you want to have some colour to your labels, you can change the text and use coloured labels.

Oh and if you're not keen on the hexagon shape we've also created a honey label template with a striped design that is available in the same sizes.


The labels to use

The templates were designed to work with the following jar and label sizes.

1lb and 12oz jars:

Jar label is 75mm x 50mm AAE010
Lid label is 45mm diameter AAC024
Tamper label is 90mm x 11mm AAR038

8oz jars:

Jar label is 63.5mm x 38.1mm AAS021
Lid label is 37mm diameter AACX35
Tamper label is 90mm x 11mm AAR038

1.5oz jars:

Jar label is 60mm x 25mm AAT030
Lid label is 25mm diameter AAC070
Tamper label is 46mm x 11.1mm AAR084

Try using clear labels if you want to appear more expensive or you want your honey to be the most important feature when people see your jar. It will appear as if the hexagons on the label actually have honey in them!

A white label could also be effective with this design and would certainly be a lower cost alternative to the clear labels.

If you have a colour scheme in mind then you can print on labels in a different colour, that's why we used black – it goes with most other light colours. Don't forget you can also change the colour of the text.


The hexagon design honey label templates

These templates have been created with Adobe and are best viewed and edited in Adobe (Adobe Reader is perfect). For instructions on how to use these and our other editable templates, go here. A preview of the 3 templates is shown below, along with buttons to download each template (you won't be able to edit the templates until you download and save them).

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