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Honey Jar Label Template: Ode to The Honey Bee

Honey Jar Label Template: Ode to The Honey Bee

"Ode to the Honey Bee" Label on Honey Jar

Labelling your honey jars can be a pain or it can be a labour of love! Whichever it is for you, I wanted to provide an alternative that may make it easier for you. So I teamed up with a designer (thanks Rich!) who came up with the label design you can see above. With the wonders of technology you can edit and print this design for use on your own honey jars.

The label template set includes designs for the jar itself and the lid too. Both are editable, as shown below:

The arrows show which parts of the label template can be edited

The design sticks to traditional amber/yellow colours often associated with honey labelling. Subtle hexagonal shapes make up the background while nature makes its appearance with the daisies and of course the bees. The word ‘Honey’ is appropriately penned as if written with honey – golden, thick and dripping. The editable text is given a rustic feel as if written on yourself.

Label Template Types:

There are four templates you can download. Two for the jar, two for the lid. The two types are called ‘autofill’ and ‘fillable’.

Autofill: When you edit the text in a field it automatically fills in the corresponding field across the whole template. This saves time if you want all the labels the same but you can’t have different text in each of the labels. That’s why you might sometimes want a fillable template.

Fillable: With this template you can enter different text for each label.

Jump to:

Honey Jar Label Template

This is what the template looks like. To use them you’ll need to download the template using the download button below."Ode to the Honey Bee" Jar Labels

Download Fillable Jar Label

Lid Label Template

This is how the lid labels look.

"Ode to the Honey Bee" Lid Labels

Download Autofill Lid Label

Buying Labels for These Templates

These templates are designed to work with the following size labels:

For the jar: AAV010 75mm x 55mm oval used as jar labels

For the lid: AACX12 64mm diameter used as lid labels

Use a plain white label or a white gloss label to give it a shinier look! Don’t forget you can even use a peelable label if you want to re-use the jar.

If you have a design you want printed, see our custom label printing service or you can find blank honey jar labels here

For instructions on how to use the templates on this page see ‘How to Print and Edit Our Free Label Templates’

Here’s our designer’s take on it (written while watching The Great British Bake Off):

Here in Blighty, we’re in the middle of the wettest decade in over a hundred years. From drizzle to downpoor – we’ve been treated to more rain than we know what to do with.

But this is good! Do you know what rain brings?

Together with it’s friend sunshine, rain brings growth! They team up to give us flourishing fauna, plentiful pastures and verdant verges all abundant with colour, life and vitality.

Daffodils, daisies, dalias. Sunflowers, strawberries, snowdrops. They all love a bit of rain and sunshine. But they’d be nowhere without an extra added ingredient. That little spark that really gets things ticking.

The humble bee.

That tireless worker clad in black and yellow, she slaves away night and day pollenating our countryside, spreading the love between one flower and its blossoming love on the other side of the meadow.

So, Miss Bee – we thank you for this. Without you, we’d be without some of the most beautiful sights nature has to offer.
But this isn’t why I love you. I love you for that byproduct of all your graft. The fruits of your labour. That gold you work so hard for. YOUR HONEY!

MMMM HONEY. Liquid gold, spread on a bit of toast. Stirred into the morning porridge, bringing flavour to that plainest of staple. A cheeky spoon into the mouth when no one is looking – absolutely impossible to do without that involuntary grin spreading across the face.

So here’s to the Bee. God bless you, you wonderful little creature!

Do you like the design? Have an idea for a different design? Let me know if the comments below.

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