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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Right Custom Bag Packaging

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Right Custom Bag Packaging

All Brands are discussing Custom Bag Packaging today. What is the hype about? Well, whatever they are saying is all true. Gone are the days when brands had to work on the product only; now, to offer an immersive experience to buyers, brands need to take a creative approach to what’s inside and on the outside, too. So come along as we provide you with different ways you can amp up your packaging, learn about different bags, and then find the one for you.

Why Should You Ditch Basic Bags and Go For Custom Packaging

Imagine your product is on a shelf in a supermarket or any mall, surrounded by other items. Now, the question is, how do you make yours stand out? That’s when custom bag packaging comes into the picture. It’s similar to giving your product a much-needed makeover so it stands out amongst other products by competitor brands and grabs a customer's attention.

Here’s why we believe custom bag packaging is a game-changer:

  • Many products are from the same category, especially when kept together with different brands that sell the same thing you are. Using custom packaging, you can add a unique touch that reflects your brand and makes it unforgettable. People will keep the bag if it's cute, and the constant reminder will have them return to your products.
  • Your packaging is part of the product. Having customized packaging means you create excitement for your products like it's a gift waiting to unfold. The bag can have a cute message, making the customer feel special. This way, you can level up the customer experience.
  • Standing out in a crowded market can be challenging, especially because your competitors are working as hard as you are. For instance, in the skincare industry, there are so many options, and people use neon colours and the best visuals to redefine the whole buying experience and grab the attention of customers.
  • If you have any gift bundles, think outside the box, then come up with boxes in different shapes, sizes, and colours. This will add to the brand image and build excitement for the items inside.
  • For people with online stores, custom packaging is more than just a way to protect their products. It’s also a way to bring your brand to life and help customers relate to the whole idea behind it. Every time they unbox it, it adds to the experience.

3 Ways to Make Custom Bag Packaging Interesting

Here’s how you can make your packaging interesting:

  • Experiment with fonts and effects to make it appealing. You can go for different patterns, textures, metallics, and embossing.
  • Go for an eco-friendly approach for your custom bags; customers love a brand that's environmentally friendly.
  • Go for bright colours. It may seem like yellow is not the best colour, but that’s not true. Go for something neon, but make sure to research and match the vibe.

Defining Your Brand Through Package Design

Before you come down to choosing your custom bag packaging for your products, you need to decide a few things. Start asking yourself these questions so you can narrow down your choices and understand what you’re looking for:

Deciding Which Materials To Use

The material you choose for your packaging is very important. Whether you choose a paper bag or plastic, it all comes down to your brand's image and mission. However, remember that consumers today opt for paper products or prefer cardboard packaging over plastic.

How will your product be Transported?

Then comes the factor that’s also very important for successful packaging. How will you be sending the product to the customer? Imagine designing the cutest paper bags, only to be crumpled or ruined before they reach the end location.


Budgeting your packaging is also very important, along with all the other marketing strategies. When you know the limit of your spending, you can budget your packaging and get creative within the budget constraints.

Is it Appealing to Customers?

This is one of the important areas you must focus on; knowing what your customers like is very important when creating custom bag packaging. From choosing the right colours that go with your brand image to being creative to the liking of the audience. Spend a fair share of your time conducting proper research and include everything in the final output.

What are the Types of Bags Used for Packaging?

Today, we are surrounded by bags, which can help us conclude that they are game changers. From grocery store bags to giant factories, these bags come in various shapes and sizes, assisting us in carrying different types of things. Come, let’s take a look at all the different types of bags people use these days.

  • Paper bags
  • Plastic carrier bags
  • Polythene bags
  • Mailing bags
  • Counter paper bags
  • Grip sealed bags
  • Garbage disposal bags/ Bin liners
  • Film fronted bags

There is a bag for all occasions. You will find bags in all categories, such as plastic and paper, from protecting to organizing warehouses. It all comes down to choosing an option that suits your approach.

Bags, Their Strengths and Applications

Now that you know the kind of bags there are, here’s how these bags can be of help to you:

1. Plastic Bags/Polythene Bags : These bags are strong, ranging from light to heavy-duty, depending solely on the micron of the bag. The higher the micron, the heavier the bag. They have a variety of applications.

2. Carrier Bags: These are either plastic or paper bags and can be light to heavy. These bags are used in shops, bakeries, and even in restaurants.

3. Paper Bags: These are light to medium heavy in strength and are perfect for bakeries, food items, mail bags, and carrier bags.

4. Mailing Bags: These mailing bags are perfect for sending items that aren't fragile. They are light to medium duty in terms of their strength.

5. Bin liners Garbage bags or bin liners are usually quite heavy-duty and perfect for disposing of waste.

6. Grip Sealed Bags: These are perfect for storage. They are clear bags, allowing you to write on them. They are light to heavy duty and can be kept in the refrigerator.

7. Film-fronted bags: These are light-duty paper or plastic bags, perfect for storing items for display in cake shops or baked goods.

Bottom Line

In short, custom packaging isn't just a bag; it's a way to tell your brand story, make a lasting impression, and turn every purchase into a memorable moment for your customers. It will also help you reach the right clientele, giving them an idea about the kind of dedication you have towards the outside and how you must have the same for the inside.

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