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Label and packaging solutions to build your business | AA Labels

Label and packaging solutions to build your business | AA Labels

As SME’s continue to make efficiencies, AA Labels has invested in new printing technology to make printed carton packaging best in class.

Product printing techniques have come a long way in recent decades, due in part to the importance of branding and ‘shelf appeal’, and also thanks to huge technical advances. The combination of both have been championed by AA Labels to provide SMEs with high quality cardboard packaging and branding insights to help keep their products ahead of the competition. In this article, the AA Labels team share its branding expertise and introduce its recent investment in new product carton equipment.

Why is product branding important?

The simple answer is that branding is more than just a way of getting your brand in front of your target audience; it is about promoting an experience which ultimately adds value. Richard Branson is quoted as saying: “The way a company brands itself is everything – it will ultimately decide whether a business survives.”

Following a period of research and design, a brand identity is established allowing the brand to gain traction across multiple channels, including online and for the physical product. But the costs associated with this process can be high, and often SMEs are not able to commit to a high level of investment in this area of product marketing, which is where AA Labels can help.

The importance of a brand logo

Amongst your overall branding, the most important consideration is your logo. There are numerous ways this can feature on your product to make sure it is front and centre of your customer’s experience. We recommend featuring your logo on labels placed on outer packaging and delivery boxes. Not only does this ensure brand consistency, but it means your customer will engage with your brand from the moment products are delivered – and of course will be seen quickly and easily if stored in a packing area.

It will often take more than one point of contact for a brand to truly start to have a ‘sticky’ effect on the brain, and logo labels and the logos on printed packaging can help speed up this process, while making sure your brand is recalled first when it comes to repeat custom. It is a simple and effective way of increasing your brand recognition.

Seeking external support for branding

Very often SMEs will not have a dedicated team to help with branding and product development, resulting in packaging options that could be improved or have more impact. Seeking third party help in this instance can be invaluable, and AA Labels is able to offer support for this part of the design process if required. For a small fee, its experienced team can review your product branding, consider the impact of it according to the industry it is targeted at, and offer advice.

This will span labelling used on products, from FMCG’s to food and drink, health & beauty and even medical items, to the outer printed carton.

Packaging options

AA Labels has an established business in the plain and printed labels market. From labels on sheets and labels on rolls spanning various sizes, it has a great track record of supporting a range of businesses with labelling requirements, including its design services.

With the UK packaging market expected to grow by 12% in the next five years, the business recently announced the launch of an improved packaging offer to meet the needs of manufacturers, retailers and distributors.

It has invested £1.1m in new, state of the art machinery to fulfil customer demand for printed packaging across a range of industry sectors, including those operating large businesses. To date it has offered a printed packaging service aimed at small to medium businesses who require affordable short print runs that can be completed quickly. At the time of its launch, this service was a market first, providing a printed cartons service which enabled businesses to seamlessly complete the entire order process online.

New printing machines to meet customer demand

AA Labels has now introduced two new machines in its packaging division. The first is a HP Indigo 12000 printer which boasts six colour printing and colour matching technology for both short and longer print runs. Up to 4,600 sheets can be printed each hour enabling large orders to be completed quickly whilst maintaining a high print quality. Having a duplex print option allows packaging to printed on both sides, even on a thicker substrate material.

Each of the enhanced services offered, such as cardboard packaging and specific design requirement, including printed folding cartons remain competitively priced. Those customers who place large orders will now benefit from a much faster production time, with 100% colour accuracy on repeat orders.

To ensure complete customer satisfaction, as little as one carton can be printed to allow proofing, before the HP 12000 is set to produce large scale orders. It also enables a range of options being programmed, spanning variable data printing, sequential data printing and spot colour print.

AA Labels can support all printing requirements

From design support, supplying printed labels on sheets, to its latest addition of cardboard packaging, AA Labels is able to provide a wide range of solutions for SMEs and large businesses. Browse the range of services available via the homepage and view examples of how it has helped customers large and small thanks to its expert team.

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If you would like to find out more about our cost-effective, short-run labelling and packaging options, for personalisation and promotion. Please contact our customer care team, who will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide advice on the options available.

We take pride in our service standards

We take pride in our service standards for all customer enquiries and orders. Our reputation for service is built on quality, a comprehensive product range and fast order fulfilment times, along with the combined experience and knowledge of our customer care team. If you need assistance or help regarding the most suitable choice of label, packaging, or promotional item for your application, please contact our customer care team, via the live-chat facility on the page, our website contact form, telephone, or email and they will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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