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How using integrated labels for dispatching eCommerce orders can save you both time and money

How using integrated labels for dispatching eCommerce orders can save you both time and money

If you are involved in ecommerce as an Amazon or eBay seller, or through other website platforms, such as “Etsy” or “Not on the High Street” for example, you may have heard of, or be using integrated labels already. Often also referred to as Delivery Labels, Returns Labels, Pick & Pack Labels, or Shipping Labels.

If you are thinking of starting to sell on Amazon, eBay or one of the other popular ecommerce websites and perhaps considering creating your own website through which to sell. Then Integrated Labels are an efficient, low-cost way to streamline your order despatch and delivery processes and keep your customers happy allowing you to focus on growing your business.

What are Integrated Labels for eCommerce?

Integrated labels combine both your invoicing and dispatch /shipping information in a single document with a removable label/s (1, 2, 3 or more) ‘integrated’ into the delivery, invoice or picking sheet.

The labels can be used to identify bin locations for warehouse pickers, authenticate process steps and trigger-points, function as delivery and/or returns labels, offer customised messages and offers etc. The possibilities are numerous and the NHS use customised multiple label sheets for patient file tracking and process identification tags to assist the administrative management of complex medical investigations involving different departments.

Be creative in your application and use of this medium to communicate with your customers through the personalisation of messages and special offers.

Integrated labels work with order management software such as Amazon, eBay, Linnworks, Magento, PayPal, ZenCart to name but a few, so you can easily transfer your orders and print in bulk. Alternatively, if you require something different to the standard offering in terms of layout and label dimensions and numbers, we are happy to provide a quotation to set-up your individual profile.

Other names by which Integrated Labels are also sometimes referred to are embedded-labels and ‘peel out’ labels.

Automating Manual Processes

Many home-based business ecommerce sellers still manually print and apply delivery address labels to packages. Which is a time consuming process without the benefit of integration into transactional records, which can easily be rectified with a simple software programme and investment in integrated labels. Even for start-up and small-scale niche sellers the use of Integrated Labels is affordable as you can purchase as few as 250 A4 sheets of your chosen label layout in a dispenser pack online from our website.

If you print a hard-copy confirmation of despatch and/or an invoice for every order you create, using Integrated Labels will help you by including the delivery address label as well. Which will save time and money, freeing-up time to focus on more important aspects of your business development.

Saving Money Through Using Your Existing Printer

Integrated labels work with any A4 flat-sheet printer, so you have no need to invest in a thermal roll printer or similar. Using integrated labels also means that you don’t have to spend resources and time printing a separate invoice, benefitting both your business and its impact on the environment.

In addition to which there is the added benefit associated with the convergence of data and customer information enabling improved analysis of your business performance.

Consider having your integrated label sheets pre-printed by ourselves with your business brand and ID leaving you to only print the variable data required. Also think about using the labels in other creative ways to promote your products and business i.e. Promotional offers tailored specifically to the individual recipient, news of forthcoming events and offers, voucher codes etc.

Keep Your Customers Happy with Easy Returns

Integrated labels keep all of the documentation around an order in one place, which reduces the risk of any errors in shipping or misplaced items.

However, mistakes happen, or customers need to return faulty, damaged or unwanted items back to you. Using integrated labels saves time spent processing any returns and providing excellent customer service to those who have received the wrong item or a damaged item.

If you manage returns, you can include return labels with every order, making returns easier for both you and your customers!

Integrated Labels and the Environment

Integrated label sheets are paper with an acrylic water-based adhesive applied to the label/s, both of which are biodegradable and compostable, as it is increasingly important for consumers to be reassured that the packaging of their purchased item/s is environmentally friendly.

More to the point in conservation terms the paper labels are recyclable along with other cardboard and paper packaging materials.

Assistance & Information

We hope that this short summary about ordering plain and/or printed Integrated Labels has been useful and if you require any additional assistance and/or information please do not hesitate to contact us via email or telephone and speak with a member of our customer care team.

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