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How To Print and Edit Our Free Label Templates

The following instructions are for our pre-designed label templates posted to our blog, many of which provide the ability to change the text in them.

As most of the label templates will be in PDF format, you’ll need Adobe Reader (a free software – if you read PDFs you’re likely to have it). Other PDF readers may work but if you want to edit the PDF and get the same printing results we do then it’s best to use Adobe Reader.

Types of Template

There are two types of editable PDF templates. They are called ‘autofill’ and ‘fillable’.

Autofill: When you edit the text in a field it automatically fills in the corresponding field across the whole template. This saves time if you want all the labels the same but you can’t have different text in each of the labels. That’s why you might sometimes want a fillable template instead.

Fillable: With this template you can enter different text for each label.


Editing the Templates

The majority of templates we post on the blog are editable, making it easy for you to create lovely labels without worrying about the design. Here’s how to edit them:

1. Download the PDF you like by right clicking on the link and selecting ‘save link as’. Then save the file wherever you like.

2. Find where you saved the PDF and double-click to open it.

3. Your template should now be open in Adobe Reader. You can now select one of the editable fields and start typing. If you’re not sure which fields can be edited. Click the ‘Highlight Existing Fields’ button, which should then draw your attention to all the fields that can be edited:



One you’ve finished writing in the field you can click anywhere outside the field to finish. When you click outside the field with an autofill PDF, it will automatically fill the corresponding fields in the other labels on the template with the same text you entered.

That’s it!

It’s important to note here that not all our label templates provide the functionality to change fonts/colours/font size. Also, if it is available on the template you download then you can only change one field at a time even with autofill PDFs.


Editing the font

1. To edit the font, first select the text you want to edit.

2. Then go to View > Show/Hide > Toolbar Items > Properties Toolbar (or use CTRL+E on a PC). This will bring up a box that will allow you to change font, size, colour and alignment.




This will bring up the Properties Bar, that looks like this:



4. With your text selected, you can now choose the font from the drop down menu



That’s it, you’re done!


Editing the font size

1. Follow step one above to open the Properties Bar i.e. View > Show/Hide > Toolbar Items > Properties Toolbar (or use CTRL+E on a PC)

2. Select the text you want to edit.

3.Select the font size you want in the drop down menu and the font size will change.



The font size should now have changed.

Editing the Font Colour

1. You want the Properties Bar open for this. So, again follow step one for ‘editing the font’ (above) i.e. View > Show/Hide > Toolbar Items > Properties Toolbar (or use CTRL+E on a PC)

2. Select the text you want to edit.

3. Select the text colour box, which is the far left option on the Properties Bar with the big ‘T’ in it (as shown below).


4. Select the colour and it will then reflect in the selected text.


Printing the Templates

Printing should be quite simple but I suggest printing out on a plain sheet of paper before you use a sheet of sticky labels. You can then see if they line up correctly, which they should. Try it with these steps:

1. Open the PDF in Adobe Reader.

2. Edit as necessary.

3. Go to File > Print. A printing options box should pop up.

4. In the ‘Page Sizing & Handling‘ section, select ‘Actual size‘ like this:

printing-pdf-template-page-size5. (Optional) Ensure you have the colour and quality settings you desire by clicking ‘Properties’ and click ‘OK’.

6. Ensure you have the right labels in the print tray (or plain paper if you are doing a test run)

7. Click Print


If you’re having trouble printing a label we can print them for you (small or large volumes). See our label printing service.