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Banquist – Customer Case Study

Banquist – Customer Case Study


Customer Case Study

Banquist is a food recipe kit service, delivering all the ingredients to cook a Michelin star quality meal. Working exclusively with the UK's best suppliers, Banquist brings fresh, seasonal, and rare produce direct from British farms with guidance from over 25 chefs who have over 20 Michelin stars between them. They provide customers with a step-by-step video guide explaining the processes to cook their set meals and which includes tips from chefs on how customers can improve their own culinary skills on a day-to-day basis.

The business has a long-standing relationship with AA Labels, using them for stickers, labels and design support.

Labels are used to identify separate course items and for signposting customer’s individual lessons. With food ingredients being placed in mini cardboard food boxes, stickers supplied by AA Labels seal each box keeping all the items secure during delivery to each customer.

Banquist particularly like the designs produced by AA Labels as they give customers a clear visual guide supporting its chefs step by step video guide. This means customers can see at a glance which individual ingredient goes with which course.

Comments Edward Shaw from Banquist: “Product labelling is a key factor for our service as customers rely on knowing what ingredient to use and at what point. Thanks to AA Labels, the overall experience for customers is clear to follow and exciting as they open each box to find the high-quality products within”.

Thanks to the extensive range of options available to businesses using AA Labels, Banquist has been able to order permanent adhesive stickers which can be customised according to the needs of each of their customers and individual meal orders. This includes being able to change fonts to match the company logo and choosing prominent colours so customers can easily distinguish which aspect of each ingredient fitted in to which course of the chosen menu they were recreating. This really helped AA Labels stand out as the go-to choice for Banquist’s labelling needs.

Edward continues: “We have had a great experience working with AA Labels right from the product delivery to the support given by its customer service team. This department has been excellent, keeping us posted on product development and timings.

“Working with so many suppliers it means one less thing to worry about as any potential problems can be addressed and solutions put in place. This has undoubtably allowed our business to run smoothly and ultimately means we can produce the highest quality recipe boxes for our customers to enjoy.

AA labels also produce high quality stickers at the most competitive prices, and we will continue to work with them into the future.

Chef Mike Robinson
Chef Paul Foster

Pictured above are two of Banquists award winning chefs.

Mike Robinson is widely acknowledged as the UK’s most prominent game chef and a champion of wild game cooking.


Paul Foster is also an acknowledged British chef, author and owner of the Michelin star Salt restaurant in Stratford-upon-Avon.


Find out more about the range of recipes and meal options available at Banquist by visiting them online via www.banquist.com

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