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WWW / EBI / MRI Marking Stickers Template for School Teachers

WWW / EBI / MRI Marking Stickers Template for School Teachers

We’ve created a marking sticker template which you can use to feedback on pupils’ classwork and assessments. The purpose of these stickers is to clearly and efficiently provide written feedback whilst also giving a space for learners to reflect on your comments and their progress.

The template looks like this (this a just a picture of the template, the editable PDF can be downloaded further down the page):

Pictre of marking sticker template

As a teacher you’ll no doubt have had many pieces of work to mark and give feedback on. It’s a time consuming and sometimes thankless task, particularly when pupils look at their grade or level and ignore the detailed written comments that you have spent hours formulating. In light of government changes and OFSTED regulations, feedback is more crucial than ever before and, in particular, teachers are increasingly expected to provide written feedback which pupils can reflect on and, most importantly, act upon.

This sticker template allows you to feedback quickly, by typing up your responses and sticking them directly onto pupils’ work or in their books.

Crucially, by filling in the electronic template you can also save a copy for future reference, allowing you to easily reflect on previous marking comments and assess whether pupils have actually worked on their EBIs and MRIs.

The template below allows pupils much more ownership of their results and forces them to reflect on and evaluate their progress. There are two editable sections on each sticker for the teacher to write something that the pupil has done well and something they could do to improve. Finally there is a section for the pupil to give their responses to the teacher’s comments or make the necessary corrections to their work.

Evidence suggests that by allowing pupils the time to correct their work, based on your feedback, rates of progression are much higher. These stickers therefore provide a much more interactive way of marking and giving feedback, one in which the child plays a central role in their own learning and progression.

For example, in response to a History source analysis task, the teacher may comment as follows:

WWW: “Well done, you have explained how and why the author of the source may have had an impact on its reliability”.

EBI: “You also need to consider how the date and purpose of the source could have had an effect on the source’s reliability”.

In response, in the MRI (My response is..) section, the pupil may then be given the opportunity to carry out the additional explanation, thus addressing the issues immediately.


Downloading and using the marking templates

The template is a PDF, designed to be used in Adobe Reader. To use it, download and save or right click on the button below and ‘save link as’. Then open in Adobe Reader.

Download Marking Stickers

1. Download and save the template.

2. Open the marking sticker template in Adobe Reader.

3. Write what you like in the WWW (what went well) and EBI (Even better if) boxes for each pupil.

4. Print them on A4 sticker sheets with stickers that are 105mm x 74.6mm. Or you could use a full A4 sheet label and cut out the labels yourself but that takes a bit more time.

You can change the font and colour of the text easily. Find out how to edit and print the sticker template.

See our school stickers for teachers page for more useful templates and printables like this or if you have suggestions for new templates.

If you need further instructions see how to edit and print our label templates

Feel free to share these marking sticker templates with your school and colleagues.

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