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One Small Thing for Prostate Cancer We Can All Do

One Small Thing for Prostate Cancer We Can All Do

A few different triggers have led to this post.

Prostate Cancer UK and for some reason it hung around – left on the stairs (his mail filing system) for months until I visited and found it recently. It got me thinking. But I didn’t do anything at first. This is the pack he received:

prostate cancer mail pack

Second, the recent TV ads have been prominent.

I don’t even remember seeing any TV ads about prostate cancer before, though I’m sure there have been. Like many other men, I’d probably prefer not to be reminded of my own mortality but on this occasion I took note. That brings me to the third trigger for this post.

What time is it? In this hour, one man will have died from prostate cancer. And the hour after that. And it goes on. One man dies of this dreadful disease every hour of every day. This fact made me shudder a bit. I also felt bad that I didn’t know it was Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in March. Did you know? So, I know I’m late but I wanted to do something – even if it was only something small. I had an idea.

In the Prostate Cancer UK mail pack were these address labels:

prostate cancer address labels

These all had my Dad’s address on. I couldn’t use them. So I created a template that could be personalised so anyone can use them and help raise awareness of prostate cancer.

There are two PDF templates (best used in Adobe). Simply click in a label space and enter the address details. You can even change the font and size with CTRL+E or via View > Show/Hide > Toolbar items > Properties bar.

This template automatically carries across the address you enter in the first label to all the rest of the address label spaces automatically:

Prostate Cancer Address Labels (Autofillable).

This template is just ‘fillable’, which means you can enter different addresses in each label space:

Prostate Cancer Address Labels (Fillable)

They can be used with label sheets of 64mm by 33.9mm or you can just use plain paper and cut them out. Either way, using these is something we can now all do to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer too. Please feel free to share them.

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