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High Temperature Labels

Are you tired of labels that fade, peel, or wrinkle in extreme temperatures? Whether you're working in a laboratory, storing frozen food, or using labels in high heat environments, standard labels just won't cut it. That's where high temperature labels come in.

High temperature labels are specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures, ensuring that your products are properly labeled and identified, no matter what environment they're in. From heat resistant labels that can bear up high temperatures, to freezer adhesive labels that remain affixed even in sub-zero temperatures, there are a wide variety of labels that can perfectly match your requirements.

In this blog, we will highlight different types of high temperature labels and take a look at the benefits of using them in various industries. Continue reading to discover the best labels for your business!

Types of High Temperature Labels

The products that have to bear high heat environments can be labeled with different types of high temperature labels. The special labels discussed below can help you choose the perfect label for your product.

1. Heat-Resistant Labels

Heat resistant labels are made of materials that can bear high temperatures without melting or losing their properties. They can be used to label machinery, equipment, and products that are exposed to high heat. For instance, labels on engine parts in the automotive industry can benefit from the durability of heat-resistant labels.

AA Labels offers a wide range of heat resistant labels with distinct label materials to match your specific requirements. You can choose from a variety of options, including matt white autoclavable, matt black high tack adhesive, and matt white heat resistant to withstand extreme heat.

2. Freezer Adhesive Labels

Freezer adhesive labels are perfect for cold storage environments, as they can remain attached to products even in sub-zero temperatures. These labels work as frozen food labels in the food and beverage industry. For example, frozen food packaging in grocery stores can be labeled using frozen food labels that endure the cold temperatures of freezers. You can get the freezer adhesive labels with roll labels in semi gloss white or matt white freezer adhesive to withstand temperature down to -40° C.

3. Laboratory Labels

Laboratory labels are designed to resist exposure to chemicals, solvents, and other harsh substances commonly used in laboratory settings. They are made from materials such as polyester or polypropylene, which allows them to survive high temperatures, abrasion, and water damage. Labels on chemical containers in a laboratory can be made from chemical-resistant materials to ensure they remain legible and intact.

In order to label laboratory test tubes and vials that need to be stored in low temperature freezers and liquid nitrogen tanks, you can explore AA Labels' Cryogenic Labels. These labels are ideal for identification on glassware in freezer rooms.


At AA Labels, we can help you find the best high temperature labels for labeling and packaging your products that are exposed to high heat environments. You can explore our vast range of special labels available in different shapes and sizes to meet your labeling requirements!

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