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Cryogenic Adhesive Roll Labels

A specialist purpose acrylic based pressure sensitive waterborne adhesive (RP Cryo). This adhesive is designed to perform in cryo-preservation storage conditions down to -196° C . The adhesive is recommended for identification labelling on Polypropylene (PP) cryogenic vials, tubes and storage boxes (cardboard and PP). The Polyethylene labels therefore retain their adhesion on the above for long periods of time in both vapour and liquid phase in liquid Nitrogen storage tanks. The adhesive withstands multiple freeze/thaw cycles and reconstitution can be done in either ice water or warm water and samples can later be returned to the liquid Nitrogen storage tank.
Matt White Polyethylene Temperature Resistant

Cryogenic - Polyethylene Part of the temperature resistant range of label materials, this matt white Polyethylene label has an adhesive that has been developed to withstand extreme cold, such as Cryogenic storage. The labels remain adhered through throughout several freeze/thaw cycles and is compatible with laser printers.

Material Specification

Cryogenic Adhesive

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