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Label Designer
Step 1

Select Label Shape, Size & Material

... To get started you need to select the template by using the label filter. Open the label filter panel by clicking on Show Filter button.

... You will need to first select the  Label Category, Label Shape and Label Material and then by using the slider controls, or free typing into the boxes, enter the width and height dimensions to view the range of standard label sizes available within your search criteria.

... The label sizes will automatically appear on the page below the filter and once you decide on a size for your label, then click on the blue Create Design button (on the right of the page) for the label size and shape selected to start designing your labels.

You can also use the other filter options e.g. Label Finish, Label Colour, Label Adhesive and Printer/Copier Type to refine your search.

Step 2

Select Your Design


On this page you can either choose a design template, or begin with a blank design. Select a category to review different designs from the left side panel and the designs available for that category will be displayed for selection. Alternatively you can begin with a blank template by clicking on the  Blank Design” button.

Create Design Screen


In this screen you can create designs using the tools available and selecting objects from the left-hand panel, such as Images, Shapes and Text all of which are editable through the customary functions of copy, cut, paste, delete, undo and redo during the design process.

Adding Images


At the top of the left-side panel is the Image button, which when opened, will display a panel with category  options and by opening a category you will be presented with a gallery from which you can select images to use in your design, as outlined in the following section of the guide.



In the gallery window you can select from the category list on left-side and images will be displayed on the main panel from the category selected.


You can select from the images available, or add your own image by clicking on the  Your Pictures tab, enabling you to upload images from your own file storage, or if logged-in and have saved images in your account, use an image from a previous design.


By clicking on an image or saved file, it will be added to the design screen canvas.



After adding an image on the design canvas you have a number of different options. You can replace the image selected by clicking on it and choosing a replacement image from the gallery. You can set an image as a background, or use the crop tool to reduce some unwanted areas of the image, as shown in the screen-shot seen above.

Using Image Filters


You can use the different filters available to change the image colour, adjust the brightness, contrast, hue and colour saturation, by using the slider controls, or set the value in the box provided.



The second tab down in the left-side panel, is for the selection of shapes. Click to open the panel and you will be presented with a drop-down list of categories, each category has different shape options that can be added to the design canvas.

Working with Shapes


Once you have selected the shape, use the features displayed in the shape panel to amend the shape for your design. You can alter the line color and thickness, set the transparency and fill colour, using single colour, or combining colours with gradient effects.

Text Box


The third tab down from the top is to add text within your label design. By clicking and opening this panel, you will be able to select and add text boxes to the design canvas for editing, by clicking on the Add Text button. A Text box will appear on the center of the canvas.

Adding Text & Rounded Text


You can add plain and rounded text from the text panel by clicking on the Add Text and Add Rounded Text buttons. You can use  the text box to adjust width and height, change colour font, pitch, style and transparency, or alter the text direction and orientation , using a combination of the directional buttons and the flip functions and rotational features found in the Tools tab.



The last tab is the tools feature in the left side panel, providing  a range of options to amend the images and text boxes included in your design, such as the  Arrange, Align, Rotate and Flip features. Using the Arrange feature you can set the object order on the canvas, moving object to the front or back of the design. With the Align function you can align the object to the canvas, or set the position to the center of the canvas. Using the Rotate function will allow you to change and set the rotation of the object by using the slider or you can add the value for custom rotation. While the Flip feature will allow you to flip-over  the selected object horizontally or vertically.

Please Note: A Simple Text box cannot be "flipped" only a ronded text box.

Object List


As you select and use backgrounds, images, shapes and text you will see a file reference appear in the Object List panel in the lower right corner of the design canvas. You can select an individual item from the list by clicking on it for ease of selection, or change the order by dragging an item selected up or down and you can also lock the layer to prevent selection on canvas.

Sheet Navigator


This feature directly above the Object List provides a preview for the whole sheet of labels selected. There is the option to edit labels collectively “Edit All” or singularly “Edit One if you want to produce different designs on one sheet. You also have the option of re-sizing the Sheet Navigator to improve the labels preview.

Step 3

Preview Sheet


When you have completed your label design  click on the  “Preview & Print” button located in the top right-hand corner and you will navigate to the “Preview Sheet” where you can view your completed sheet and use the magnifier feature if required.

Digitally Printed Labels (200 DPI)


Once you are satisfied that your design is complete there are 3 options to produce finished labels. The first is for AA Labels to produce printed labels for you and on the right-hand side of the panel ,at the top there is a button for Digitally Printed Labels you can enter the number of sheets required to calculate the price and Add To Basket to place an order for high resolution (200DPI) digitally printed labels.

Plain Labels (100 DPI)


The second option and middle button Buy Plain Labels, click on “Click Here” button to open the panel. You can calculate the price for plain labels for the label materials selected and place an order for plain sheets on which to print your design’s. Upon order confirmation you will be able to download your saved PDF file at an image resolution of 100DPI.

Download Free PDF (72 DPI)


The third option is to download and print your label design for free. You can download your design in PDF format by clicking on the “Click Here” button for printing on your existing label sheets, without having to place a new order.

Apply Design To Another Product



At the bottom of the panel on the right-hand side of the page, there is the option of applying your design to another shape and size of label, with closely related options displayed, but you can browse all available labels by clicking on the View More button, which will open the Label Finder filter.

Back to Canvas


At any point you can save your design to your account and project for future use and reference by clicking on the Save button and your design will be filed.



At any point you can save your design to your account and project for future use and reference by clicking on the Save button and your design will be filed.

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