Perforated Labels

We produce perforated labels on A4 sheets, developed to meet the specific requirements of two part labels for applications such as “track and trace”, or where only small quantities of labels need to be dispensed from the sheet. Perforations can be both through the face stock material only, which produces a perforated label when peeled from the sheet, or through the release liner as well, allowing the un-peeled labels on the sheet to be separated individually e.g. asset labels, security labels, or bar coded delegate and visitor badge labels.

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12 Perforated Labels per A4 sheet

Label Size
97 mm x 45 mm


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42 Perforated Labels per A4 sheet

Label Size
26 mm x 44 mm


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48 Perforated Labels per A4 sheet

Label Size
30 mm Diameter


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If you need assistance or help deciding which perforated label, material, colour, finish or adhesive is suitable for the label application. Please contact our customer care team, via the live-chat facility on the page, our website contact form, telephone, or email and they will be happy to discuss your requirements for labels on A4 sheets.

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