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Triple Integrated Labels Compatible with the following software and more.


Triple Integrated Labels

Matt White - Permanent

Label Size
95 mm x 65 mm

Item Code


Triple Integrated Labels

Matt White - Permanent

Label Size
95 mm x 65 mm

Item Code


Digital printing

We specialise in short-run digital printing of integrated labels to provide a customised, branded form-set for your business that enhances your image and creates a professional impression and we will undertake your printing requirements from as few as 100 sheets up to several thousand sheets for longer print runs and/or full edge bleed designs, please ask for a quote. For monochrome and spot-colour you can use the table of prices below and attach your artwork to order online. 

Print management

Our knowledgeable team of form design and print specialists, combined with our network of print partners for large print-run requirements, allows us the flexibility to choose the right production facility for your integrated label forms and allows you to choose from a wider range of print options from one source.

  Text & Logo - Monochrome
(Black Only/No full edge bleed)
Text & Logo - Colour
(Spot colour/No full edge bleed)
No. of sheets Charge £/100 Total Charge Charge £/100 Total Charge
100 £21.28 £21.28 £26.60 £26.60
200 £15.96 £31.91 £21.28 £42.55
300 £14.15 £42.45 £17.66 £52.98
400 £13.30 £53.19 £15.96 £63.83
500 £12.77 £63.83 £14.89 £74.47
1000 £10.64 £106.38 £12.66 £126.60
2000 £10.64 £212.77 £12.66 £253.19
5000 £9.15 £457.45 £11.28 £563.83
10000 £9.04 £904.26 £11.28 £1127.66
15000 £9.04 £1356.39 £11.28 £1691.49
20000 £9.04 £1808.52 £11.28 £2255.32


Triple integrated labels provide even greater flexibility with three removable self-adhesive areas that you can use for address labels, returns labels, stock control and marketing purposes.

Keeping all the relevant information printed on one easily usable sheet makes the picking, packing and dispatching of orders accurate and efficient. Our treble integrated labels offer superior performance that means smooth printing, long shelf life and labels that adhere and stay adhered on all kinds of packaging in all conditions.

A sheet with three integrated labels assists in adding value for the customer by providing promotional codes or marketing messages. Something as simple as a label with your company web address could help put your company "front-of-mind" with the customer and because each sheet is printed for a specific order you can target special offers and promotions to appeal to individual customers. We provide a triple integrated label that is especially popular with e-sellers using Zen Cart.

Download the templates or order a free sample to see which layout works best for your business, and if you need any help or advice then please contact us!

01733 588390