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Labels per sheet :
Products Available
Label Size
1 Shipping Label per A4 sheet - 199.6 mm x 289.1 mm
Equivalent to Avery L7167, J8167
Code : AAR001
Label Size
2 Media Labels per A4 sheet - 117 (17) mm Diameter
Equivalent to Avery L7676
Code : AADF02
Label Size
2 Shipping Labels per A4 sheet - 199.6 mm x 143.5 mm
Equivalent to Avery L7168, J8168
Code : AAR002
Label Size
4 Multipurpose Labels per A4 sheet - 200 mm x 60 mm
Equivalent to Avery L7171
Code : AAR004
Label Size
4 Parcel Labels per A4 sheet - 99.1 mm x 139 mm
Equivalent to Avery L7169, J8169
Code : AAS004
Label Size
6 Parcel Labels per A4 sheet - 99.1 mm x 93.1 mm
Equivalent to Avery L7166, J8166
Code : AAS006
Label Size
8 Address Labels per A4 sheet - 99.1 mm x 67.7 mm
Equivalent to Avery L7165, J8165
Code : AAS008
Label Size
10 Address Labels per A4 sheet - 99.1 mm x 57.3 mm
Equivalent to Avery L7173, J8173
Code : AAR010
Label Size
12 Address Labels per A4 sheet - 63.5 mm x 72 mm
Equivalent to Avery L7164, J8164
Code : AAS012
Label Size
14 Address Labels per A4 sheet - 99.1 mm x 38.1 mm
Equivalent to Avery L7163, J8162
Code : AAR014
Label Size
16 Address Labels per A4 sheet - 99.1 mm x 33.9 mm
Equivalent to Avery L7162, J8162
Code : AAR016
Label Size
16 Media Labels per A4 sheet - 145 mm x 17 mm
Equivalent to Avery L7674
Code : AAL016
About Avery Sized Labels

Here you can view our range of labels by reference to Avery Label sizes and codes. This section includes all labels sizes which are also available from Avery including labels from 1 to 65 per sheet in 17 sizes, 20 colours, over 5 different types of materials and 4 types of adhesive including freezer compatible. As if that were not enough there is also a choice of 5 different finishes.

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