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Ever since their invention and commercial introduction in the 1930’s in America, self-adhesive labels have become increasingly popular to the point where they are now almost ubiquitous and can be found on everything from retail price stickers to the sides of planes. The multitudes of technological innovations that have followed their introduction mean that they now can be used for almost any purpose in any environment. Wherever you are in the world now, you will see some sort of label, whether they are representing a brand on the side of an apple, or on the bottom of your shoe, you cannot escape them. The use of self adhesive labels are a major factor in marketing brands and promoting company image by providing a means of delivering information to the end-user and/or prospective end-user prior to, or post-purchase and for many other image and informational purposes.

Your labels can be just as important as the product itself to gain and retain customers. At AA Labels we understand that the quality of both design and finish are critical elements in the labels finished appearance and can enhance the appeal of the product and provide specific information while being the difference between "flying of the shelf" and being left on the shelf. The label in product promotion terms is the last sales message that the customer receives prior to purchase and certainly the closest to their decision to buy.


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By using pantone colour resources we can provide an exact match to your requirements. If you would like to speak with someone about colour matching call our customer service team on 01733 588390

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