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Honey Jar Label Template Set: Curved Honeycomb Design

Honey Jar Label Template Set: Curved Honeycomb Design

Got honey? Need to create a label for your jars? The work has been done here for you. Simply download the desired templates, edit and print (sheets of labels for the templates are available too).

This free printable label template set is designed for those who sell honey. It follows on from our previous honey label template which had less space for text and, even though editable, it was more suited to gifting honey than for selling it. For that reason close attention has been paid to UK honey labelling regulations for this template set (although you’ll need to check with your local trading standards if you want to be sure everything’s covered).

Editable parts include:

  • Heading (Should contain the word ‘Honey’)
  • Weight
  • Name and Address
  • Country of Origin (e.g. ‘Produce of England’).
  • Best Before Date
  • Lot number

As each section is fully editable, you don’t have to use them as described although they may be required if you’re selling honey.

Using templates like this enables you to fully personalise your jars quickly and easily. The benefit is that you can print as many or as few as you need for your batch and you can change the text whenever necessary, when you need to change the batch number for example.

This label template set includes a jar label, a lid label and a tamper seal (all editable). All templates are in colour as well as black and white, in case you don’t have a colour printer or you want to print on labels of a particular colour – yellow for example.

Features of the PDF templates:

  • You can edit all the text (including font style, font size and colour).
  • You can delete any of the text if it’s not required for your particular use.
  • Autofill template feature: When you make a change any of the text it will change on the other labels in the template. This saves time if you’re printing several labels with the same text.


Here’s a quick preview of how it works (it’s a 39 second looping GIF):

A GIF showing how the honey label template works

Once you’ve edited the templates and printed the labels you’ve made, stick them on your jars to create something like this:

Curved Honeycomb Label Design Mock Up

Scroll down or click below to jump to:


This is what our honey label designer has to say:

Two tones… some of the best things around are made up of just two tones. The keys on a piano, rhubarb and custard sweets, chocolate chip cookies, a Sheffield Wednesday shirt (ok – that’s just me). And of course, the stripes on a honeybee.

Yellow and black, they wear it well. They know how to rock that look better than anyone!

That’s the basis of this design. Shocks of bright yellow and charcoal black to decorate your next batch of tasty honey and show off its name and details.

The front of the jar focuses in on a central hexagon, symbolising the honeycomb structure synonymous with this tasty preserve. We know instantly what is within once we see this shape.

Inside this, we see a white hive – almost like we’re looking through a window into a garden and seeing this in the middle distance. Hive by name, hive of activity by nature… this is the factory where the golden treasure is produced by this most diligent of workforce.

Speaking of workforce – this hexagon leads down into a little graphic below, representing the bee herself, with her stripy uniform and sting mounted tail. A little reminder of who we owe thanks to for this tasty treat, whilst we crunch down on another slice of generously covered toast or golden sheened crumpet.

The editable title and details use solid yet friendly fonts, change these to put your own stamp down and christen the bounty within. The bee did the work, but the world needs to know that you did your bit too!

Enjoy the labels – enjoy the honey more!


The honey label templates

Below you’ll find an image preview of each of the templates and a button underneath each to download the PDF, which you can then edit.

jar04 Honey Jar Label Image
Download Honey Jar Label Template

jar04 Honey Jar Label Image (black & white)
Download Honey Jar Label Template (black and white version)

jar04 Lid Label Image Download Honey Jar Lid Label Template

jar04 Lid Label Image (black & white)
Download Honey Jar Lid Label Template (black and white)

jar04 Tamper Seal Template Image
Download Tamper Seal Template

jar04 Tamper Seal Template Image (black & white)
Download Tamper Seal Template (black and white version)

How to use the honey jar label templates

We’ve tried to make it as simple as download, edit and print!

The above templates are designed to work with the following label sizes (follow the links to the product page to buy):
For the rectangular jar labels AAE010 75mm x 50mm
For the circular lid labels AAC024 45mm diameter
For the narrow rectangular tamper seals AAL026 100mm x 10mm

To use the templates you’ll need Adobe Reader (a free software – if you read PDFs you’re likely to have it). Other PDF readers may work but if you want to edit the PDF and get the same printing results we do then it’s best to use Adobe Reader. Detailed guidelines on how to edit and print all our editable templates are here

If you have a design or want to create a completely custom label, you can find blank honey jar labels here


Don’t forget to share with your friends and colleagues!




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  1. Brian Passmore February 11, 2015

    Great idea. Downloaded the coloured label template and edited it for my own use. As a very small producer, it was ideal to be able to print and update labels as and when needed.
    Much to my dismay, having bought a pack of labels in the suggested size from AA, I find that the template doesn’t match the labels and leaves me
    with only four useable labels out of the ten printed.

    • aalabels February 23, 2015

      Hi Brian,

      Thank you for your comment and sorry for the delay replying.

      I test all templates multiple times before posting them here and so I’m concerned that you have had problems.

      1. Can you measure the label size for me (width and height) ? I just want to ensure the label size you have is correct because there are many different sizes of 10 per sheet.
      2. Did you follow the printing instructions here? Sometimes the print setup can be the reason it doesn’t line up.
      3. What is the code on the labels you printed on?

      Finally, it is always advisable to do a test run of your labels on plain paper rather than print first time on to the label sheet. To do this, download, save and print the blank label template PDF from the product page (all product pages have a template that represents the label sheet). In this case the blank PDF for the main jar label is here. These blank templates have black guidelines to show where the edges of the labels are. Ensure the print set up is as per the instructions here but load the paper tray with paper rather than labels. Once printed, put this piece of paper back into the print tray ensuring it is the correct way up to print on the side with the guidelines. Then print the label design on to the paper with the guidelines. It looks like this Guideline test for curved honeycomb design honey label

      I was so concerned about this that I tested the main jar template again, three times (using both the colour and black and white templates). Both times they came out perfectly. The template even has several mm allowance for misalignment, so you shouldn’t have problems.


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